Innovative Enterprise Week
20th of June 2019

20 June 2019
Venue: Politehnica University of Bucharest
Conference “The EIC Accelerator: Nurturing EuropeanChampions of breakthrough innovation”

If Europe is to reclaim its place as the world leader in innovation and technology, public policy and funding at EU level must cater to the specific needs of EuropeanResearchers and Innovators by refining and filling the gaps in the existing support schemes and that way provide a support that covers each of the different stages of whole innovation chain (from idea to market deployment and scale-up).

Since the start of his mandate in 2014, Commissioner Carlos Moedas has been in strong support of the setting up of a European Innovation Council (EIC)  for breakthrough, market-creating innovation, with a focus on smart funding, smart investment and smart regulation, to make Europe 'the place to be' for innovators.

The first step towards the setting up of an EIC was made in 2017, with the appointment of15 independent individuals to form the High-Level Group of Innovators, whose role was to advise on the design of an EIC in Horizon Europe, with a two-year mandate (2017/2018). Based on the initial advice of the group, and the legal framework of Horizon 2020, an EIC pilot initiative was launched in October2017. With a budget of €2.7 billion, and the objective of funding the scaling-up of the most exciting innovations of our most talented innovators, the pilot combined and re-focused existing funding schemes to ensure funding reached top innovators.One of the two instruments of the EIC along with the Pathfinder, the Accelerator is a blended finance model which builds on the SME Instrument Phase II, enhanced and focused on initiatives with a clear EU added-value. Support will be awarded to clear potential market-creating innovation and scale-up of companies confronted with a finance gap due to their high-risk nature. Support for assessing business opportunities and developing business plans may be granted in the context of Pathfinder transition activities within portfolio of project, or aspart of an Accelerator project.

  • TheAccelerator builds on the SME Instrument Phase II
  • Enhances it to focus on initiatives with a clear EU added-value.
  • Aim of funding high-risk, market-creating innovation from TRL6 down to TRL9included. Support may include TRL5 activities (further assessment of business opportunities & plan)
  • Priority shall be given to deep-tech and long innovations cycle
  • Support shall be allocated on a first-arrived first-served basis, to reduce time tofeed-back
20th of June 2019
Opening – Setting the scene
Keynote speech:
“The EIC – nurturing champions of market-creating, breakthrough innovation”
Panel A: Strengthening the European innovation ecosystem – Policy drives innovation
EICAccelerator: Backbone of accelerating breakthrough innovation
PanelB: Blended finance: Best practices and policies on public, private & mixed funding
Lunch break & Networking
PanelD: What’s next in blended finance? What trends will drive the development and market deployment of breakthrough and market-creating innovations?
Breakthrough innovation for social good
Coffee break
16:30 -17:30
PanelF: Boosting innovation ecosystems in Europe: National perspectives on challenges and opportunities
Closing remarks
20:00 – 22:00
Dinner and social event
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