Innovative Enterprise Week
21st of June 2019

21 June 2019
Venue: Politehnica University of Bucharest
Conference “Financial Instruments: the mainstream of European funding of innovation”

Financial instrumentshave a long history is some European countries’ investment support schemesthrough their National Promotional Banks and Institution, and they have come toplay an important role in the EU budget as well. Indeed, financial instrumentsboast several benefits due to:
-       The revolving nature of the funds: financialinstruments enhance the sustainability of public investment as the fundsallocated to the support schemes can be recycled for future use;
-       The leverage effect: financial instrumentsleverage private and public funds, thus increasing the amount of moneyavailable;
-       The incentives for better performance: bysharing the risk involved and the repayable nature of the financialinstruments, project promoters demonstrate greater financial soundness.In addition,financial instruments may complement grant financing and other support toachieve Union policy objectives and contribute to Europe’s economic growth andjobs creation.

With the adoption of the proposal for the Invest EU Programme on 6 June 2018, the European Commission reinforced its commitment to the use of financial instruments. Invest EU will bring together the multitude of EU financial instruments currently available to support investment in the EU, making it more efficient, simpler and more flexible. The Programme will consists of three components:
-       The InvestEUFund will support four policy areas: sustainable infrastructure; research, innovation and digitisation; SMEs; and social investment and skills, with the ability to react to market changes and evolving policy priorities.
-       The InvestEUAdvisory Hub will provide technical support and assistance to help with the preparation, development, structuring and implementation of projects, including capacity building.
-       The InvestEUPortal will bring together investors and project promoters via a user-friendly database.Moreover, in contrast to its predecessor – the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI)– the InvestEU Fund and the InvestEU Advisory Hub will be open to implementing partners other than the European Investment Bank and the European InvestmentFund, in order to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the best possible support with easiest access.The objective of this day will be to:

  •  Explore market failures and investment gaps in Europe and the potential of financial instruments to close them.
  • Share experience and lessons-learnt between practitioners on setting up and running financial instruments and between companies on how to take advantage of available funding.
  • Discuss the role of advisory services in strengthening Europe's investment and business environment.
21st of June 2019
Welcome address
Presentation  of the pitching results
InvestEUProgramme - Building on the successes of EFSI and existing financial instruments
Financial instruments post 2020 – ensuring European added value (35 min)
Panel G:
The role of advisory support and capacity building in boosting R&I investments(40 min)
Coffee break
Signing Ceremony:Cooperation between EU and national level
Panel H: Responsible research and innovation – Impact investments (45 min) 
Panel I:
How guarantees help innovative start-ups,SMEs and mid caps (1 hour)
Networking Lunch
Equity financing
Panel J:
European, regional and national venture capital scene (45 min)
Panel K:
Scaling up through series A & B VC funds (45 min)
16:00 -16:15
Presentation of the pitching results
Closing Session & Wrap up –  taking innovation funding forward
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