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19 June 2019
Concert and Gala Dinner
Romanian Athenaeum

The conference Gala Concert and Dinner will take place in one of the most beautiful and exquisite historical buildings in Bucharest, the Romanian Athenaeum. The extraordinary concert will start at 20.00 on June 19th and will bring to the audience excellent students, professors and alumni of the National University of Music in Bucharest, performing together at the highest level. The concert will be followed by a cocktail reception in the Athenaeum hall.

20 June 2019
Beraria H

Beraria H is a unique location, located in the Herastrau Park, and hosted in an impressive building built in the 1950’s, that once upon a time served as the Pavilion of the Soviet Heavy Industry. Nowadays, it is the largest restaurant (beer-house) in Romania and Eastern Europe. The location is well suited for a relaxed and casual dinner, offering participants the experience of a lively atmosphere.
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