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Florin Păun

Program Manager, Innovation Director & Catalyst, Hands-on Expert, Entrepreneurial Coach and Theoretician of the evolutions of the innovation models and tools for practice, Dr.Eng. Florin Paun encourages the comprehension of the human factors and behaviors during the innovation process, building thus bridges between the world of practitioners and the world of scientists and economists. His scientific work gained worldwide recognition and put in light the emergence of a new innovation French model but also completed the theories of two Nobel Prize Winners (Stiglitz, J., Sen. A) after having applied and adapted them to the highly collaborative processes like innovation. His strategies and tools aim to support the creation of the shared value between research laboratories, Start-Ups, SMEs, multinationals, clusters and regions by shaping agile ecosystems.
Dr. MSc. Florin Paun, Program Manager for JEDI - Joint European Disruptive Initiative, recently Founder of Agilising Innovation, former Innovation Director at AKKA Group, Deputy Innovation Director at ONERA and Strategy and Development Director at the Competitive Pole SAFE – PACA region in France, started its career in the aerospace research being specialized in structures and multifunctional materials (15 scientific articles, 4 international patents). Entrepreneur and Business Angel (Progonline.com…) Florin is Founder of the Start-up Xvaluator.com and CELIDEA Consultancy firm.
Educated at the Aerospace Faculty in Bucharest from where he got his Master Degree in Aerospace, at Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau - ParisTech, Dr. Florin Paun made his PhD. in Aerospace Engineering in Toulouse (at ENSICA- ISAE) and completed his education with an Executive Program in Management and Leadership at MIT Sloan School of Management.  
Dr. Florin Paun is member of the Joint European Disruptive Initiative and one of the 10 French members and 3 Romanian members in the Pilot Jury of the European Council of Innovation. Expert-Inventor of several tools and methods for collaborative innovation such as the «Demand Readiness Level» (DRL - market pull scale) completing the  «TRL» (NASA tech push scale),  the «Contract for co-Development with shared risks and benefits» (DàRP), «asymmetries identification and compensation in the highly collaborative process», «mangrove of value distribution», «agile demo-tech», Dr. Paun is teaching its own innovation methods in international Schools for MBA and Master Degrees students at ISAE, Ecole de l'Air, ENAC, ESEO, Toulouse Business School and is Senior Advisor and Trainer in collaborative innovation process, entrepreneurship and impact of human factors for governments, multinationals, SMEs, networks of practitioners, Innovation School of ANRT in Paris…
Dr. Florin Paun is author of several scientific articles and books on open innovation strategies including the contributions of more than 50 international business and political leaders in the last 10 years: «J’innove donc je suis» (I innovate thus I exist!) , «Tous entre-preneurs» (All between-parties), «Innover ou périr» (Innovate or disappear). Dr. Florin Paun is member of prestigious international Innovation Networks for Research and Innovation (RRI, Technology Transfer Society, X-Open Innovation, ONERA Alumni, MIT Alumni, Global Brain Institute…)