Venue information

Venue Information

The Venue is located in the campus of  University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), New Aula Building (Aula Noua UPB).
(google maps link).
It is best accessed from "313 Splaiul Independentei Street".

We are pleased to inform you that we have arranged shuttle bus service from the airport to the Bucharest-city center or to the venue. Please find the schedule here.

Access by tube

UPB has two entrances accessible by tube.
· „Politehnica” Station(red line; Bucharest tube map)
· “Grozavesti”Station (yellow line; Bucharest tube map )
We recommend you to use the “Grozavesti” station and to enter in the campus using “Splaiul Independentei” entrance.
For more details about the Bucharest subway system, visit

If you use “Piata Unirii” subway station, please be aware that are two terminals: “Piata Unirii 1” and “Piata Unirii 2” – You have to take the subway from “Piata Unirii 1”! However, the two terminals are connected by an underground passage.

Access by bus
601 bus has station close to the venue.

Uber and Bolt (Taxify) are also available in Bucharest.
For overall orientation, Google maps or Android maps are reliable for public transport as well as for walking.

Contact us at [email protected] for any additional details.